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Easy to Use

We built the Clash coach with our Users in mind. To officially log a Clash you only have to answer 10 easy survey questions. The best part about this process is that there are no right or wrong answers! Its the easiest survey you’ll ever take, and you’ll become a better Clash Manager each time you take it.

Progress at a Glance

Wondering if you are becoming a better Clash Manager? Use the “At a Glance” page to view all
of your Clashes as a whoel or click a specific Clash Context for more details.

Configure Reminders

We all forget things from time to time. The more gadgets we have to help us manage our lives, the more confusing it gets. So we added a convenient way to help you remember to log your Clashes. You can activate two “Reminder” functions that will send you brief messages to log your Clashes throughout the day.

Conflict is normal, natural, and inevitable … it’s part of our DNA.

The Clash Coach was created to help people stop treating conflict, or what we call Clashes, like a disease. Conflict is normal, natural, and inevitable, and because humans are social animals, it’s in our DNA to socialize. But it’s also in our nature to disagree with others. The Clash Coach is a research-based mobile app that helps users become proactive clash managers. The app monitors, measures, and motivates users to improve their everyday Clash Management Styles. Dr.

– Dr. Zach Schaefer, Clash Coach Creator and Conflict Mediator

Easy to Use the Clash Coach

Easy to Use

Intuitive User Interface.

We designed the Clash Coach to ensure that Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials could easily navigate the app. We think we accomplished our goal, because just last week a kitten logged her first Clash, even while lacking opposable thumbs.

Progress at a Glance

Quickly understand your Clash patterns.

Using the Clash Coach won’t make you a conflict management guru overnight. But it will help you see your progress as you log more and more Clashes over time. This feature can help you disagree with your boss without calling her an idiot or figure out how to drive in rush hour without using your middle finger.

Clash Coach Progress at a Glance
Configure Clash Coach Reminders

Configure Reminders

Don’t forget to log your Clashes.

We understand that you can’t log a Clash while its occurring – that would take an insane amount of self-control. For those of us without superhuman self-awareness, we created two features that send you brief reminders. This way you can let off steam, reflect on what happened, and then log a Clash.

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